Published Work

“Mary in the Park” published by the EKL Review

Mary in the Park

“A Trailer Terror” published in anthology by HellBound books.

Ghosts, Spirits, and Specters Volume 2

“The Subject” published by The Potato Soup Journal.

The Subject


“A Note on the Dash” published by the University of Michigan Bear River Review.

Purchase the Bear River Review Here


“The Citizen, A Journey of Trust” published by ARTIFEX literary magazine, a product of Macomb Community College English and Communications department.

ARTIFEX’s mission is to support, encourage, and increase the knowledge of literary arts in the Detroit area and State of Michigan. “The Citizen, A Journey of Trust” is a work of creative non-fiction.


“Apprehension Soars” featured on Ripples in Space podcast.

Story begins at 10:00 minutes into the podcast.

Apprehension Soars


“Exo and Endo” published by Fiction Attic Press

Exo and Endo


“Treasure for Tea” published in FALL: Fiction Anthology by Dark Ink Press

Fall: Fiction Anthology, Available in print on Amazon


“My Father’s Hands” published by Wraparound South literary magazine

My Father’s Hands


“The Announcement” published in uText Three by Medusa’s Laugh Press

uText Three, Available in print from Medusa’s Laugh Press


“Birthday With Dad” published by The Flexible Persona

Birthday with Dad